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Bill Mines, Director of ACCESS IMMIGRATION writes:

In 1993 Matt Robson, my then lawyer and I established an immigration company. in 1996 he entered Parliamant and withdrew from the company, and I continued on with what was to become Access Immigraiton.  Now, in 2018 I'm delighted to be back working as a consultant with now, The Hon. Matt Robson, at his Queen Street law firm.

Consequently this website is no longer maintained. For immigration advice and services please email  

However, as you are here, please feel free to explore the information available, but keep in mind that it is not current and is only for general inforamtion.

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Because of frequently changing immigration categories and requirements, and the size of our website [over 50 pages], it is possible that some changes have been missed or links broken. Please do advise us if you have any difficulty accessing any part of our website. Thanks. 


The decision to seek a new life and opportunities in a new country is one of the most important that you will ever make. In New Zealand's young and vibrant democracy, you will have the freedom and opportunity to achieve the results you want for yourself, your family and your future.

However, the immigration process is complex. Inappropriate advice or incorrect documentation may cause an application to be declined while lack of knowledge can leave you vulnerable to exploitation. It is vital, then that you receive reliable and trustworthy advice, from your initial enquiry until your successful resettlement. Our years of experience, our caring and passionate team and the quality of our service, ensure that Access Immigration applications are successful - guaranteed.