Our Statement of Commitment

Migration may be the biggest and most permanent decision you ever make, and the effect of the success or failure of your application may last for generations. As the cost of an unsuccessful application is incalculable, we are committed to your success.

  • We will not process applications we consider do not meet the intent of NZ's immigration policies.
  • Your future and our reputation are at stake, so we are committed to ensuring that your application will have the greatest possible chance of success.
  • Confidentiality - Your personal information is totally confidential to the firm and will not be provided to any other organisation without your permission.
  • Access Immigration's purpose is to provide exceptional service to corporate and individual clients through:
    • our knowledge of immigration law, policy and processes
    • the quality and attitude of our team
    • our commitment to our clients and
    • our relationship with the authorities.

COMMUNITY CONSCIENCE - It is a policy of Access Immigration New Zealand Ltd that we contribute 5% of each year's net profit to a recognised charity. Beneficiaries to date include,Rotary International, South Auckland Hospice, Auckland Migrant and Refugee Centre, Diabetes Auckland, Starship Hospital neo-natal unit, Kakapo Recovery Programme, The Alzheimers Foundation, The Hearing House.