WF (Bill) Milnes

New Zealand born and raised, Bill has a business background and began his career in immigration in 1993. He has held roles as both Director and Chairman of the NZAMI, was granted honorary membership status 2004 - 2011 and in 2013 was a finalist in the NZAMI Service Award.  In the four years that Bill led the NZAMI, the association grew substantially in credibility, public recognition, membership quality and numbers.

In 2000 he was appointed to the Government's Ministerial Advisory Group on Immigration and in 2005 to the Editorial Board of Lexis Nexis Immigration Practitioners Bulletin. Bill has been active in negotiating with government on policy and migrant issues and has been widely quoted in local and international media.

Access Immigration achieved an exceptionally high level of successful immigration applications and appeals with just 3 residence applications being declined in nearly 20 years of operation. Achieved through Bill's commitment, tenacity and concern for people. His key positions within trusted relevant organisations reflect his high regard within the community and the immigration industry. His personal slogan, 'Encouraging Excellence', demonstrates Bill's belief that we can best serve our clients through consistent high quality processing of their applications, through improving the quality and image of the immigration industry and by developing a positive working relationship with the Minister of Immigration and Immigration New Zealand.

Bill is married with two adult children and is an Elder in the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.

 He says:

Of key importance in the corporate market is assisting the new employee to start work on time, without delays in processing visa applications.  My role is to ensure that applications are presented in such a way that, to quote a thank-you note from an INZ Manager, ‘… we can get it done and get it off the desk’.


The other area in which I am particularly interested is helping people by the ‘appeal’ processes.  If someone meets the intent of policy and we can identify that they will be of benefit to NZ, their application or appeal should be successful.


Simon Laurent

Since starting practice representing refugees in the mid-1990s, Simon Laurent has developed a strong reputation as a leader in the Immigration field. He has chaired and presented seminars for both lawyers and immigration advisers, and has been called upon to provide industry comment for the media.

For several years Simon sat on the Council of the Auckland District Law Society and convened the Society's Immigration and Refugee Committee in 2006 and 2007. In August 2011 he was elected Chairman of the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment for the second successive year and in 2013 was the Winner of the NZAMI Lawyer - Adviser of the year award.  Simon was previously on the Board of the Kingsland Business Association.

Simon Writes:

"I am strongly motivated to maintain high ethical and professional standards as a lawyer. It’s good for business. I am always looking for ways to deliver a better, more efficient and successful outcome for every client that comes through our doors. Although we have invested heavily in technology to multiply the effectiveness of our time, this cannot replace the need to think skillfully and communicate with our clients."


Recognition by INZ:

When one INZ Immigration Manager heard of the combining of Access Immigration with Laurent Law, he phoned Bill and said, "with you and Simon working together, you will certainly be a force to be reckoned with'.