Business Immigration

The Business Immigration policy allows people with business and/or senior management experience to enter New Zealand to develop business opportunities. It consists of both Residence and Temporary entry categories. Business immigration applications are processed within a specialist division of the service.

1. Migrant Investor Policy

Two categories based on investment funds of NZD 10 million or 1.5 million.

Category 1 Investor - the top priority category for high value investors investing NZD 10 million for 3 years. It imposes minimal policy conditions and facilitates fast-track processing by INZ

Category 2 Investor - a category for those investing NZD 1.5 million for 4 years. Various criteria apply.

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2. Entrepreneur Resident Visa

This category is for applicants who have successfully established a business in New Zealand that can be shown to be of benefit to New Zealand. (Refer to EWV details below for criteria). Criteria as identified in the EWV business plan must be met in all regards. Those who have been involved in bankruptcy, fraud or financial impropriety or in a business failure in the last five years may not apply.

Principal applicants must acheive an English standard of IELTS, band 4. Non-principal applicants may pre-purchase English language tuition if they cannot achieve that level.

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3. Entrepreneur Work Visa (EWV)

This temporary entry category provides for people interested in applying for residence under the Entrepreneur Category, by establishing a business which can contribute to NZ's economic growth. The EWV is points based.

Successful applicants under this category and their spouses/partners will be granted a multiple-entry 3-year Work Visa. This may be extended to a maximum of six years. Successful EWV holders may apply for residence under the Entrepreneur category after two years.

Pointsare allocated for:

  1. business/work experience
  2. age
  3. location and local development agency support
  4. creation of employment, exports and/or new products or services
  5. capital invstment


  1. the applicant should have the ability to travel to NZ and conduct appropriate research into the viability of the business
  2. the applicant must have at least $100,000 capital to establish/purchase the business plus 'working capital' and sufficient funds for personal support for 3 years
  3. no previous convictions for fraud, or bankruptcy.

Strict criteria must be met in the format and presentation of the business proposal, including the provision of comprehensive financial and business records. Principal applicants must achieve an English standard of IELTS, band 4. Non-principal applicants may pre-purchase English language tuition if they cannot acheive that level.

Our role, as well as advising on and assisting with the EWV application, is if you wish, to provide ongoing advice and information to help you develop a business which in 3 years, will enable you to qualify for residence.

Once the EWV is granted, the spouse/partner may apply for an open work Visa which will allow employment in the business or elsewhere. Partners and children will be granted visas of the same duration as the pirncipal applicant.

If you consider that you could meet the above criteria, please click on the 'Contact' button and provide your contact details to receive a detailed summary of the poicy criteria and further instructions.

If you don't qualify under the Business criteria, please go to Skilled Migrant, Family or Family Quota.