Employer Relevant

International or 'substantial' New Zealand companies may qualify to employ specialist or senior international personnel under specific conditions. Applications for companies which meet the criteria can be handled quickly with a minimum of processing difficulty. However other work visa applications are very complex, require careful handling and must meet a high threshold of proof that there are no local workers available to fill the position.

Employees of Relocating Businesses

Executive Programme

Talent Visas

Secondment and Approvals In Principle

Employees of Relocating Businesses

This is a residence category for senior employees of businesses which are establishing a presence or relocating their operations to New Zealand. The parent business may continue to operate in its home country and links between the parent and the New Zealand business are encouraged.

The EBR category facilitates the granting of residence to key employees of businesses relocating to New Zealand, who can show that they do not qualify for residence under any other category. A key employee is one whom the Chief Executive Officer of that business considers essential to the operation of the business in New Zealand. EBR applications are considered by the Minister of Immigration on an individual case by case basis.

  • Principal applicants are required to demonstrate that they are a key employee of a relocating business and the relocation is supported by Trade NZ, Industry NZ or another similar organisation. Preferably these should be large offshore businesses which will develop multi-million dollar turnover and provide significant economic benefits (job creation) for New Zealand within five years.

  • Businesses relocating to New Zealand must comply with all relevant employment and immigration law in force in New Zealand.

The parent business may continue to operate in its home country and links between the parent and the New Zealand business are encouraged.

Principal applicants must meet the minimum standard of English which is band level 5. Any spouse or partner or dependent children aged 16 years and over who are included in the application must also meet this standard, or where policy allows, pre-purchase ESOL tuition.

If you consider that you meet the above criteria, please complete the personal details form and forward it to us with a detailed summary of your personal and company details for your free initial assessment.

Executive Programme

The Executive programme is designed to assist major employers to bring senior and specialised personnel to New Zealand. The specific character of these policies has allowed us to put together an appropriately tailored and relevant package and as such we receive exceptional service from the NZ authorities.

Each application is administered by a senior Access Immigration consultant under the personal direction of a director of the company.

We will be pleased to provide a confidential assessment of your particular requirements. Please submit the following details for our immediate attention: Executive Programme form

Note: Your information is confidential to us and will not be provided to any other organisation without your written permission.

Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Policy

Applicants must:

  1. have an offer of full time skilled employment in New Zealand for a period of at least 24 months from an Accredited Employer for a salary of NZ$45,000 or more
  2. be 55 years or younger
  3. be able to meet registration requirements if this is required to take up the position in New Zealand.

Talent (Arts, Sports and Culture) Work Policy

In this category applicants with exceptional talent in a particular field of art, sport or culture, aged 55 or under and holding a sponsorship may apply for a work visa.

For more information on Talent Visas please email us

Secondment and Approvals in Principle


This category allows substantial companies to bring specialist personnel to New Zealand, for up to 12 months; or senior management of multi-national companies, for up to three years. In some cases these visas may be extended and in all cases, an employee may transfer to another category including residence, if s/he meets the relevant criteria.


Fast processing (often just a few days), usually through off-shore offices of Immigration New Zealand, means that your employees can legally commence work as soon as they arrive in New Zealand. Please email us for further information

Approvals in Principle

In an industry suffering from an endemic skills shortage or where highly specific skills are needed, we can assist individual companies and industry groups to obtain approval in principle to bring in skilled employees. This category is more complex than the accreditation programme and requires evidence of serious skill shortages.


Does not require the same level of employee salary commitment as is required for accreditation.