Choosing your consultant/advisor

When choosing your immigration consultant, we suggest that you consider the following questions:

1. Am I protected?

  1. does the Company provide a written Service Agreement?
  2. does the company offer a written guarantee?
  3. is the company secure - can it support the Service Agreement guarantee if anything goes wrong?
  4. am I covered by a written Code of Ethics?
  5. are the Directors full members of the only professional body of immigration advisers- the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI)?
  6. is the company registered in New Zealand, with New Zealand Directors, accountable under the strict consumer and corporate laws of New Zealand?

2. Will they understand the special circumstances of my situation?

  1. does the company employ people who have been migrants and have first-hand experience of the difficulties of moving from one country and culture to another?
  2. is the company big enough to provide all the immigration services I will need, and small enough to still care about me?

3. Is the company competent and respected?

  1. are they experienced - how long have they been in business?
  2. do they have access to the latest information from Immigration New Zealand?
  3. do they have a good relationship with Immigration New Zealand?
  4. can they provide references from other successful applicants?

4. Can they provide the post-migration services I will need?

  1. do they have the local knowledge and people available to help with my resettlement when I arrive in New Zealand?
  2. do they provide advice on accommodation, schooling and professional services?
  3. can they introduce me to reputable professional advisors?
  4. are resettlement advice and services provided at no additional charge?

Committed to your success

Access Immigration New Zealand can answer 'yes' to all of these questions. We are absolutely committed to your success. We have been providing professional immigration and business investment services since 1993, and our experience, professionalism and commitment has underpinned the success of thousands of satisfied migrants.

NZAMI - Your Protection


Established in 1989, the NZAMI is a non-profit professional organisation comprising independent:

  • Immigration Advisers
  • Law Practices
  • Accounting Practices
  • Finance Houses and Banks
  • Business Investment Advisors

As specialists in immigration law and practice, NZAMI members can provide assistance in the complex areas of immigration law and policy. Because the association has strict admission rules and a strong code of ethics, you can be confident that members of the association will provide you with the highest standards of knowledge, experience and professionalism. The NZAMI website is available at