Economics & Employment

Although New Zealand is heavily dependent on international trade the economy is relatively stable, with annual growth in GDP of 2 to 3%. Inflation is maintained at less than 3% by the independent Reserve Bank, while unemployment, traditionally at around 4%, is low by OECD standards. With a growing reputation for innovation, New Zealand companies are developing specialist technologies in a diverse range of industries from primary agricultural products, to information technology, to luxury boat building.

As a trading nation, business confidence reflects the international economic outlook but the emphasis on free-market economics and the development of a 'knowledge economy' has created a strong demand for skills across the industrial scene. However, the search for suitable employment can be a challenge for the newly-arrived migrant, who should anticipate that it may take months or even years to obtain employment appropriate to your qualifications, skills and experience.

Professionals and trades-people who received their training in a country other than a limited number of western countries may find that their qualifications are not recognised by the appropriate professional bodies in New Zealand. They should apply to the appropriate professional body before considering migration and may be required to undertake further study and examination before they are eligible to migrate to and practice in New Zealand. For a list of occupations requiring registration to practice in New Zealand, Click Here.