New Zealanders enjoy a level of political, religious and financial freedom unknown in many countries. Most New Zealanders choose to live in their own privately-owned home. Apartment living is increasingly popular in the Central Business Districts of the major cities and their fringe suburbs.
Most families own at least one car.

Sport and recreation are an important part of life in New Zealand, the most popular winter sports include rugby, league and netball, and cricket and sailing are the choice of many for the summer.  New Zealand teams regularly achieve international success in a wide range of sports including ball sports, water sports, track and field events, golf, yachting, motor racing and skiing.

New Zealand is renowned for the beauty of its diverse landscape.  Surrounded by water, from the sub-tropical South Pacific to sub-arctic oceans, the New Zealand terrain varies from snow-covered mountains and glaciers, black and white sand beaches, to volcanoes, geysers and boiling mud pools.  New Zealanders have free access to beaches, rivers, mountains and bush and so tramping (hiking/walking) is a favourite pastime of many residents.