Appeals and specialist services

Appeals and specialist services including Reconsiderations, Special Directions, Section 61, Ministerials and Exception to Policy applications.

"Providing innovative solutions to immigration issues".

When the immigration process goes wrong, it can happen very quickly and have devastating effects. An increasing number of people are seeking our assistance with immigration problems caused by difficulties within the immigration service or by unethical or incompetent immigration practitioners.

A highly respected immigration Barrister and Solicitor has told us, "I refer cases to you because you think differently from a lawyer. You have been working closely with a number of law professionals for 14 years, providing innovative solutions to immigration issues". (Referee details available)

We have been practicing in immigration since 1993 and in that time, have developed specialised skills, particularly in the more 'interesting' areas of Appeals, Special Directions, Reconsiderations, Section 61 and exception to policy cases.

One of our key principles is that we will only accept a case if we believe that it fits within the intent of immigration policy. If so, we will totally commit ourselves to the success of that application or appeal, with the result that since Access Immigration was established;

all corporate work visas have been approved
all residence applications have been approved
in 13 years we have only one appeal declined

We have been told that our reputation with the authorities and within the industry is amongst the highest in New Zealand. We believe that reputation has been built on the quality of our clients and the quality of our work, and is to the advantage of our future clients.

A few of our Delighted Clients:

PS Korea
Application lodged by a lawyer for a Long Term Business Visa (LTBV) which did not meet criteria. The lawyer also acted for him in the purchase of a business and advised (wrongly) that he could work in the business whilst holding a visitor visa. (It is illegal to work in NZ whilst holding a visitor visa).
The LTBV application was declined. A request for reconsideration was also declined. Visitor visa expired.

At this stage PS was introduced to us. We were able to obtain a work visa under S35A as an exception to policy to enable him to operate the business. We applied for and obtained a LTBV and this family now has residence in NZ and is running two businesses.

ZA Pakistan
Granted a work visa as a chef in his brother's business. Returned to Pakistan to marry but found that NZIS would not grant her a temporary visa on the grounds of failing to meet 'genuine and stable' criteria and that his visa would not be renewed.

ZA was introduced to us and we were able to obtain a work visa for his bride and have their visas extended several times. Because of low English skills, he could not qualify for residence so we referred him to our Australian associate. He obtained residence in Australia and then returned to rejoin his family as an Australian resident in New Zealand.

SF Chile
A respected immigration lawyer referred SF to us after 3 attempts to obtain a work visa for him. We were able to provide the quality of information which enabled INZ to grant him a visa.

AZ Iraq
Removal Order issued on basis of the use of fraudulent documents to obtain residence in NZ.
We pleaded exceptional and possibly unique circumstances of a surgeon in the Saddam Hussein Hospital, being required to conduct amputations as a form of punishment by the Iraqis at that time.
Appeal successful, residence confirmed.

EG Malaysia
Escape from a violent cross-cultural marriage. Christian children registered as Muslims by the husband, Malaysia's requirement that Muslim children be brought up in a Muslim household. Mother and children came to NZ and became overstayers. Removal appeal successful. Residence granted.

PS South Africa
Traveled to NZ with her daughter and granddaughter who had both been granted NZ residence. Sponsorship criteria changed which would have forced her to return home. Considerable emotional distress. Appeal authority recommended request to Minister for intervention. Work visa granted. Now holds NZ residence.

SA India
5 years of fear and frustration in which it appeared that NZIS had a determination to deny this family residence. Their challenges included processing by three INZ branches, multiple broken commitments by INZ, and appeals to the Removal Review Authority and the Residence Review board. Successful.

When their residence was granted, Mrs A said "Three times I wanted to give up and return to India and each time you said, think of where you want to be in five years.  We are so pleased that we listened to that advice."  Mr A is now a successful businessman, employing a number of New Zealanders.

And a couple of corporate summaries:
Energy Services Contacted by Chamber of Commerce Australia. Major operator in the energy industry. Offshore branches of INZ were requiring inordinate lengths of time to process visas. Delays would impact the drilling of wells in various areas of NZ. We were able to establish a relationship between the company and local branch of INZ and in the process, obtained urgent visas on day of lodgement and some 'approvals in principle' immediately by phone.

Tourism operator
Previous consultant was failing to get work visas and visas for staff. We put considerable effort into building the credibility of the company with Immigration New Zealand and achieved a 100% success in obtaining a variety of visas over several years.

A major law firm referred an international touring group to us for assistance with obtaining large numbers of work visas under very tight time constraints.  We were able to work with Immigration NZ to identify a process which minimised the documentaiton and work for the organisers, the individual applicants and the immigration service so that nearly 80 work visas could be processed in days, rather than weeks.

These are just a few of the more easily accessible cases which had very satisfactory outcomes for our clients.