Corporate Immigration



"(Our company) recently utilised the services of the company to assist with securing a work visa for one of our expatriate employees. Access Immigration New Zealand Limited ensured the whole process ran very smoothly and minimised our workload considerably. The work visa was duly issued in about a quarter of the time it would take normally. We commend Access Immigration New Zealand Limited" - International Corporate (Name and original letter available for sighting).

Why Work Visas

Employers are often frustrated at the apparent resistance of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to grant work visas which would allow the employment of urgently needed staff. This is because INZ is a subsection of the Department of Labour whose primary function is to maximise the employment opportunities and safety of NZ resident employees. Therefore, INZ is required to give strong consideration to ensuring that local unemployed are not disadvantaged. This can mean that the New Zealand Work Visa policy may be seen as complex and unyielding, with discretion rarely granted.

It is therefore critical that an application for a work visa be lodged under the most favourable category and that it be fully supported with relevant evidence which will enable the case officer to approve an application. Such information needs to include evidence of the financial viability of the company and that the employee can fill the position advertised. Access Immigration New Zealand Ltd has the experience and resources available to ensure your application has all relevant documentation and information required for a successful result.

Can my preferred employee get a visa to work?

The level of difficulty in obtaining a work visa largely depends on the category under which the applicant will be applying. Standard work visas can be very difficult, but where a person is being employed to fill a senior or specialist position in a substantial organisation, or in response to a recognised national skill shortage, special categories exist which considerably simplify the process. See below for links to relevant categories.

Documentation Required

Employers supporting an application for a Work Visa may need to complete an Employer Supplementary form and should anticipate providing Company registration, Financial Statements, Formal Offer of employment showing market rate salary or wages, Employment Contract and Position Description. Other employer documents may also be required and we will advise based on the specifics of the situation. The proposed employee is also required to provide supporting documentation.


As much of the information required by Immigration New Zealand is confidential and may be commercially sensitive, we guarantee to maintain that confidentiality and will not pass on any information you provide to us without your permission.

Employer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all employees have the legal right to work in NZ. It is not sufficient for an employee to have an IRD number. To ensure the employee may work, the employer should sight at least one of the following:

  • NZ Passport
  • NZ Birth Certificate
  • Foreign Passport with Residence Visa label
  • Foreign passport with Work Visa label, specifying the name of the employer or 'Open' or 'Any'
  • Tax Code Declaration form IRD330, completed and signed

The penalty for employing an illegal worker is a fine of up to $10,000 or $50,000 if it is considered that the employer knew the worker was not legal.

Reference (Edited for privacy reasons)

I am writing to express my satisfaction with the application for work visa that was processed through the New Zealand Immigration Service with your assistance. He has become a real asset to our company since starting work with us. The attainment of Accredited Employer Status has contributed greatly to this result and he has started to impart some of his knowledge to other members of staff which is helping our organisation to grow. I would also like to thank you for your professional approach in dealing with our requirements." - Major NZ Engineering company (Name and original letter available for sighting).