Corporate Services

Access Immigration New Zealand Ltd provides specialist immigration services to corporate clients seeking to bring senior, specialist and/or skilled people to New Zealand.

Although there are a number of categories under which an applicant may apply for immigration, we concentrate here on those with an employment base, specifically, Accreditation, Secondment and Approval in Principle.

Because of the perceived risk to NZ employees, work visa policy is perhaps the 2nd most complex and difficult area of immigration policy and there may be up to 60 processes in the preparation of a work visa application.  These include assistance with the wording of vacancy advertisements, review of the Employment Agreement, identification of the correct ANZSCO classification for the position, current market salary rates, verification of advertising and position description with applicant's employment history. 

If a work visa application is not exactly right in all respects, the risk of a decline is very high, and once an application has been declined, it may be impossible to have that decision overturned.  There is no right of appeal against a decision to decline a work application, the reputation of the employer may be affected and the applicant may be required to leave New Zealand.


To achieve Accreditation, we work with an employer to document their profile and credibility in order to meet Immigration New Zealand requirements. Once accreditation is granted, the employer is in a position to seek internationally for skilled employees for whom Talent Visas may be granted.  A minimum salary level applies.

Special work visas may then be issued to qualifying employees and processed by Immigration New Zealand as a priority.

As an added incentive accredited employers may offer 'skilled' or 'talented' staff a route to residence. Full details will be discussed as we work through the process. Click here to email us.


  • Minimise delays:
  • Fast processing of the accreditation application
  • Priority processing of work and visa applications
  • No need to meet the 'labour market test' requirements which can result in declined applications and delays in processing.
  • Enables employers to recruit highly skilled personnel from abroad.
  • Assurance for your employees - the ability to offer a guaranteed route to residence for selected employees.

Critical requirements are:

  • A company history and commitment to good employment conditions and relationships, health and safety, an ongoing training programme for NZ employees
  • Financial stability
  • Payment of a minimum salary (currently $55,000) to those employed under the programme
  • The applicant must be considered to be talented or skilled
  • Applicant must provide health and character certificates

The processing time varies, but we recommend that employers allow up to 3 months for their accreditation and 2 months for employee applications. Generally we are experience approvals within considerably shorter time frames and our relationship with Immigration NZ is such, that genuine deadlines can usually be met.


This category allows substantial companies to bring specialist personnel to New Zealand, for up to 12 months; or senior management of multi-national companies, for up to three years. In some cases these visas may be extended and in all cases, an employee may transfer to another category including residence, if s/he meets the relevant criteria.


Fast processing (often just a few days), usually through off-shore offices of Immigration New Zealand, means that your employees can legally commence work as soon as they arrive in New Zealand. Please email us for further information.


In an industry suffering from an endemic skills shortage or where highly specific skills are needed, we can assist individual companies and industry groups to obtain approval in principle to bring in skilled employees. This category is more complex than the accreditation programme and requires evidence of serious skill shortages.


Does not require the same level of employee salary commitment as is required for accreditation.


  • Because work visas are of limited duration, companies offering employment to holders of work visa
  • s reduce the risk of 'poor fit' in the team.
  • For most people, these categories will provide an opportunity for an overseas person to experience life in New Zealand before deciding to apply for residence. This eases the risk perception and level of commitment required for a residence application. Consequently, employees are often more relaxed and more easily able to 'fit in' to an employment situation.
  • The opportunity to apply for residence is of considerable value to those who wish to make New Zealand their permanent home.
  • The spouse of a work visa holder may also apply for an open work visa and any school age children may attend school on the same basis as a NZ resident or citizen. Older children of work visa holders, must however pay international student fees for tertiary study and may not enter into employment without compromising their 'dependent' status for residence purposes.


Although we do not provide recruitment services, we do maintain associations with reputable NZ recruitment consultants and can provide details to corporate clients.


So that we can provide you with additional information, please proceed to an information form. Complete and send the form and we will contact you within a few days.


Recognising the complexities that were faced by our Corporate Executive/Joint Venture Manager and his family in obtaining residence here in New Zealand, Access Immigration New Zealand Ltd have given the family and our company an expeditious service which speaks for itself in the very professional manner that their case has been handled by you and your company and for this we thank you. RT (USA)

Employment Contract

As part of our corporate Services, we can provide our clients with a pro-forma Employment Agreement which meets the recent Holiday's Act changes. There is no charge for the form to our clients nor do we accept responsibility for its use.

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