Individual Categories

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Each category has minimum criteria which must be met and other requirements which contribute towards deciding whether or not it will be possible for you to migrate to New Zealand.
All applicants must provide medical certificates and those aged 17 and older, must provide Police certificates. In most categories, a high level of English language skills is required.

You must have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family for your first two years in New Zealand. Alternatively, if you are being sponsored by a close family member in New Zealand, your sponsor must be able to provide that support.


1. Employment Based Categories
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2. Business Immigration

  • Migrant Investor Policy; a two tier residence category which requires investment funds of  NZD 1.5 or 10 million
  • i) Refer to links page for currency conversion.
  • Entrepreneur; a residence category for applicants who have successfully established a business in New Zealand.
  • Long-term Business Visa. This category closed in December 2013 and was replaced with Entrepreneur Work Visa in March 2014: EWV is a 'Temporary Entry' category which provides for people interested in applying for residence under the Entrepreneur Category or those who wish to establish a business in New Zealand, but do not intend to live here permanently.
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3. Skilled Migrant

This is a points-based residence category in which applicants are required to show;

  • Qualifications (at least equivalent to a New Zealand Tertiary qualification which is recognised for immigration purposes (e.g. trade certificate or Bachelor degree)
  •  At least two years relevant work experience. If you are claiming points for a qualification in an occupation where professional registration is required in New Zealand, you must obtain New Zealand registration before lodging your immigration application and your work experience must relate to your qualifications. This is unless an offer of employment has been received which is relevant to your qualifications. Click here for a list of occupations, where registration is required.
  • A high level of competence in English.
  • Ability to provide financial support and accommodation for yourself and your family for your first two years in New Zealand.
    Please click here for more information on the Skilled Migrant Category

4. Long Term Skills Shortages List (Work Visas)

Applicants who:

  • hold an offer of employment in New Zealand for at least 2 years in an occupation included on the Long Term Skills Shortages List (LTSSL) and
  • meet registration requirements necessary to take up the offer of employment in New Zealand may be granted a work visa. All applicants must meet health and character requirements.

5. Family

You, or your spouse / partner, must have immediate family (parent, brother / sister or child) living permanently and legally in New Zealand for 184 days in each of the 3 years immediately prior to the date of your application.
Please click here for more information on the Family Category

6. Quota Categories

Each year quotas are allocated to specific categories to enable a limited number of people who do not meet criteria for the 'targeted' categories, to apply for residence under Family, Samoan and Pacific Access categories.
Please click here for more information on the Family Quota Category

7. Students

The New Zealand Government encourages international students to study in New Zealand. Those students who complete a NZ qualification which meets residence criteria, may be able to apply for residence or a work visa upon completion of their studies. We can assist with immigration advice. For more information please email us.

If you do not meet the basic criteria, we regret that, under current policy, an application for residence in New Zealand is unlikely to be successful and you may choose to exit this site.